A recent study found that less than 60% of companies in the US actually use their data to generate value. The Big Y – How can we use data to get more customers and more value for the products and services. We help our Retail clients focus on data, commerce and specific applications such as sentiment analysis, market segmentation and lead scoring. Our expert team can help look at data-driven practices like setting prices dynamically, predicting events and creating high-value recommendations for your business customers. We can also help explore some of the legal, ethical and social issues surrounding the use of data in commercial settings. Let’s get started with the application of Data science principles and practices to help your business so your products/services can reach more customers, solve your business real problems and generate revenue.

Health care

In life and death matters of Health and Medicine, Data science is an enormously powerful toolbox. Data science can be effectively used in the fields of healthcare, medicine and public health. Predicting risks for illness and epidemics, identifying and implementing pro-active and preventive measures, to understand the nature of disease or illness better to develop methods to treat diseases. Data science also helps more accessibility, affordability of healthcare. Lets get started with making Data science ideas work for Healthcare, Medicine and Public Health.

Media and entertainment

Entertainment is a key segment in todays life, and this is no exception for Data science to prove its impact just as it does in Retail industry. The ideas and practices of Data Science can be definitely used especially for Creative Organizations to better analyze their market, efficiently work and set their pricing, assess their work effectiveness, perform meaningful interactions with their clients, perform and redesign artistic programming, help protect their intellectual property and keep their employees and peers motivated and help them reap rewards. We can help you with your goals as an Entertainment industry in reaching out to broader audience and providing them with rich experience using the best of industry standards and procedures from Data Science, so let's get started with The Data Science of Media and Entertainment.


Physical money is an old idea, you can safely say that its data now a days as most of the financial transactions these days involve no physical exchanges but rather exchange of data that signifies wealth. Quick tip – Understand data to understand money. Don’t worry we will help simplify it more by applying Data Science and help you understand money in banking, finance etc. The effective practices of Data Science when merged with following the best principles of Data Science can help individuals and organizations when trading securities, working on credit and avoiding any fraud transactions. Data science can also help you connect the recent development of Cryptocurrencies. Using Data Science we can help you with trend analysis, create and support value for your organization. Lets explore more…


One of the data rich field in the current era is Education. There is an abundant amount of data that is created daily across the education field. But how well are you using this power? Don’t worry, Data science can help bridge the gaps and provide actionable results from the flood of educational data. Enable your Teachers, Administrators and Legislators to better understand their Students ?, Create an efficient Curriculum ?, able to view and evaluate their organizational progress ?, help generate meaningful discussions between students and teachers ? and maintain security around confidential and vital data ? For any or all of the prior questions you have or might have, we can help your Organization answer and solve using the principles and best practices of Data Science. Lets get you started…